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Where Ambition  meets Passion 
and Creativity  runs wild

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Make Most Moments Matter 

Our mission is to make people happy. Take a break from the day to day and have some fun while also expressing your creativity!

Get to Know Us

Welcome to The Charmed 3 x Ambission Creative Studio, your new event space/ creative studio located in Elizabethtown, PA. We aim to provide a comfortable space to express your imagination, network with local business owners/ entrepreneurs, and connect with friends and families through one of our many creative events! Ambission Creative Studio is an art studio that showcases local artwork and offers a number of different creative events for all ages. Created by Brittney Murphy and Alex Garcia, from Elizabethtown Barbers, we have been serving the community for a number of years and look forward to creating an impact on others for many more to come through action and connection! The fun goes on though- you can rent our studio space and host your own paint party or event decorated as you'd like.  

We strive to bring joy, laughter and inspiration to everyone who visits us as well as memories that will last a lifetime! 

**Slots will be limited per events due to space. To ensure everyone has a comfortable experience and space to unwind please make a reservation while they are available.


No events at the moment
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